Graduate School of Business and Commerce Master’s Program:  Where do they work?

(Graduates, 2012 - 2014)

IGI (アイ・ジー・アイ), Asahi Breweries, Ltd., KPMG AZSA LLC., Aeon, Ishihara Administrative Scrivener (Notary Public?), Izumiya Shoten, ITOCHU Corporation, Intage, INTELLIGENCE HITO Research Institute Ltd., VMware, SMBC Nikko Securities, LTS Inc., Board of Audit of Japan, Kaigo Rodo Antei Center, Inc., Kao Group, CHA YONGHWA CPA office, Konami Digital Entertainment, SANNO Institute of Management, Suntory Holdings Limited, CS Accounting CO.,LTD., G.S. Brains Certified Public Tax Accountant’s Corporation, CITIBANK, JACCS, Erns &Young ShinNihon LLC, Chugai Pharmaceutical, Co., Ltd., Chiyoda Corporation, TIS INTEC Group, Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, Co., Ltd., Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC., TOPPAN, Narita City, Japan Center for Economic Research, NEC Corporation, Nihonbashi Chuo Zeirishi Hojin, JETRO, The Norinchukin Bank, Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., Higashiyamato City, BBS, Hitachi Capital Corporation, Hitachi Management Partner Corp., BSMA (Bingham Sakai Mimura Aizawa), FUJITSU, Future Architect, Present Square, ProCUBE Japan Co., Ltd., THE HOKURIKU BANK, LTD., MIZUHO Financial Group, Yamada Business Consulting, The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., YOMIURI, Resona Holdings, Inc.

Studying Abroad

The Graduate School of Business and Commerce (Student Exchange Agreements): The System for Studying Abroad

The Graduate School of Business and Commerce has a unique exchange agreement with the following institutions and students enrolled in our school will be given priority in their selection processes. Our school also has the pleasure of welcoming students from these institutions annually.

  • University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Copenhagen Business School, Department of International Economics and Management (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The schools we have exchange agreements with are business schools focusing on more or less the same fields of study. It is hoped that our students will further their understandings of their particular field through their interactions with the students of the exchange schools. An exchange student (or as a research student) studying at these schools will be able to take the same courses as other graduate students at these institutions, attend seminars and participate in various projects. Further to this, credits from these courses will be approved upon your return. We hope that many of our students will take advantage of this opportunity.

The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

Currently, a major priority in developing nations is to secure and stabilize their financial base and to implement fair taxation. To make this a reality, efficient and effective taxation and financial administration are mandatory.
 The Keio University Graduate School of Business and Commerce World Bank Scholarship Program was established through a special fund from the World Bank. The objective of this program is to educate individuals from developing member countries, who will be in the position to guide and manage tax administration in the future. For this purpose, it is important to enhance their understanding and broaden the scope of their knowledge in related fields. Since its inauguration in April 1996 (Heisei 8), the program has been implemented in close collaboration with the National Tax Agency and National Tax College. Five students have been selected to participate in this program every year since then. April 2015 (Heisei 27) was a landmark when the 20th Class of students was inducted into this program.
 The objectives of this curriculum are as follows:

  1. To foster the ability to understand and make decisions, regarding the relationship between tax administration and economic development, including the tax system, from the perspective of economic management or finance.
  2. To deepen the knowledge of each concept and method regarding taxation, inclusive of the tax law system and administration.
  3. To acquire the basis of how to apply the aforementioned knowledge in a real situation, through a training program.

The plan for achieving (1) and (2) is through the completion of courses and research at the Graduate School of Business and Commerce. Parallel to this, the training implemented by the National Tax Agency and National Tax College will be addressing (3). We hope that combining practical training and academic studies will provide an environment that will nurture the comprehensive abilities of our students.
The lectures and guidance in all the courses in this program are in English. Students who are not participating in the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program can also sign-up for these courses and earn credits for them. We hope that this will provide our students with the opportunity to study, prepare reports and participate in oral discussions in the English language.
It has been more than twenty years since the inception of this program, and the results of our endeavors have been accumulating steadily over these years. It is our greatest pleasure to hear that our graduates are now in key positions in the tax administration of their respective countries. Last but not least, we feel privileged that human resource development such as this, truly contributes to the globalization of Keio University.

Graduate School of Business and Commerce & Studying Overseas: List of Countries and Institutions

(Data of students who were matriculated from April 2001 – April 2015)
Country/ Region University
Thailand Asia Institute of Technology, Chulalongkorn University
Republic of Korea Yonsei University
USA American University, University of Chicago, University at Buffalo –- The State University of New York, Northwestern University, Brandeis University
Canada University of British Columbia
United Kingdom University of Warwick, London School of Economics and Political Science
Italy Bocconi University
Switzerland University of St. Gallen
Denmark Copenhagen Business School
France Université Toulouse I - Capitole

International Students Enrolled at the Graduate School of Business and Commerce in the academic year of 2015: Breakdown by Country

•China (18) •Namibia (2), Vietnam (2)
•Egypt (1), Thailand (1), Republic of Korea (1), Tanzania (1), Bhutan (1), Malaysia (1), Rwanda (1)

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