Requirements for Completion of the Master’s Program
  • Enrolled in Master’s Program for 2 years or more (maximum of 4 years).
  • Has successfully obtained more than 32 credits in relevant courses.
  • Must successfully pass the Master’s Thesis Defense and the Final Examination

  • * Regarding the "Accounting for Professionals Course," this applies to students who have been matriculated in and before the academic year of 2017.

Requirements for Completion of the Doctoral Program
  • Enrolled in the Doctoral Program for 3 years or more (maximum of 6 years).
  • Successfully obtained more than 12 credits in relevant courses.
  • Successfully passed the Doctoral Dissertation Defense and the Final Examination.

▪Degrees Conferred - As of April 1, 2015: Total Number (Female)

Master’s Degree

Academic Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Number of Degrees Conferred 36(11) 41(13) 36(15) 31(12) 30(12)

Doctoral Degree

Academic Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Number of Degrees Conferred 4(1) 12(4) 6(2) 4(1) 1(1)

▪Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation (Recent Examples)

Master’s Thesis

  • Competition Patterns and Business Results - Focusing on Product Strategy within the Framework of Dynamic Competition
  • Promoting the Open Innovation of Japanese Manufacturers Overseas: Focusing on the Inner Workings of an Organization that is Engaged in New Product Development
  • Robustness and Flexibility of the Budget and the Performance Management System: A Study Based on the Loose Coupling Theory
  • Considering the Bipolarization of the Regional Labor Market: The Employment Substitution Effect in the IT Industry and Employment in Regional Areas
  • Transfer Pricing in the 21st Century: A Review of Transfer Pricing Rules and Guidelines in Namibia

Doctoral Dissertation

  • The Evolution of the Resource-Based View and the Epistemological Significance: Focusing on the Ossified Transfer of Problems
  • The Changes in the Workplace and the External Labor Market in the Aftermath of the Period of High Economic Growth
  • Why are Japanese Consumers Tough? The Characteristics of a Japanese Contemporary Approach to Marketing
  • Empirical Studies on FDI, Trade, and Firm Performance in Thailand: Evidence from Micro-Level Analysis
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