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The field of Management & Organization offers courses for identifying and resolving problems that corporations face from various theoretical perspectives. Examples of problems include but are not limited to organizational designs and structures, corporate governance, organizational culture, business ethics, corporations’ social responsibilities and evaluations of good corporate citizenships, for which we build theoretical arguments and conduct empirical analyses. Moreover, some courses present opportunities to discuss the historical development of management studies and managers` “philosophies” from the theoretical and methodological stand points. Throughout these opportunities, students will be able to learn theories about management and organizations and develop various analytical perspectives for understanding and resolving complicated management problems in rapidly-changing globalized societies.

Faculty Members

Lecturer Field Publications
Daisuke Okamoto
Corporate Appraisal

Revisiting Japanese Management (with Y.Furukawa, Y.Sato, & S.Baba, Chikura Publishing Co., Ltd., 2012)
Corporate Appraisal + Business Ethics: CSR Approach (with M.Umezu, Keio University Press, 2006)
AI Corporate Appraisal (Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 2004)
Perspectives and Methods of Corporate Appraisal (Chuokeizai-sha, Inc., 1996)
“Social Relationship of a Firm and the CSP-CFP Relationship in Japan: Using Artificial Neural Networks,” (Journal of Business Ethics, 87-1, 2009)

Kengo Sakakibara
History of Business Management Theory
Business Management Methodology

”A Methodological Discussion (検討) on Mixed Methods Research (混合研究法) in the Field  of Business Management – A Discussion Surrounding the German Economics of Management” (Mita Business Review, 56-6, 2014).
“Gutenberg” (Co-Authored, Bunshindo Publishing Corporation, 2013)
“Establishing Methodology for Business Management:  A Critical Study (考察) of the Adaptability (適用可能性) of Pragmatism (合理主義)” (Management Philosophy Volume 6, Issue Number 1, 2009)
“Innovation and Restructuring” (Co-Authored, Keio University Press, 2006)

Kenshu Kikuzawa
Business Management
The Economics of Strategy and Organization

“The Absurdity (不条理) of an Organization” (Diamond, Inc., 2000)
“A Comparative Study of Corporate Governance Theories” (Yuhikaku Publishing Co., 2004)
“Insubordination – A Plus to Organizational Growth” (Kobunsha, Inc., 2007)
“Introduction to Organizational Economics” (Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd., 2006)
“Strategy” (Diamond, Inc., 2008)
“Organizations Fail Rationally” (NIKKEI, 2009)
“The Absurdity of Strategies” (Kobunsha, Inc., 2009)

Yamato Sato
'Manage-metrics': Organizational Culture and Empirical Study of East Asian Business Administration

“Revisiting Japanese Management”(Co-Authored, Chikura Publishing Co.,Ltd., 2012)
“Japanese Style of Corporate Culture” (Keio University Press, 2009)
“A Quantitative Analysis of Korean Enterprises” (Mita Business Review 48-1, 2005)
“Hybrid Capitalism” (Co-Authored, Keio University Press, 1997)

Kazuhiro Taniguchi
Comparative Institutional Analysis
Management Strategy Theory
Corporations and Sustainability

“Strategy and Pragmatism (Jitsugaku)” (NTT Publishing, Co., Ltd., 2006)
“Corporation Borders and Organization Architecture” (NTT Publishing, Co., Ltd., 2006)
“The Pragmatism (Jitsugaku) of Organizations” (NTT Publishing, Co., Ltd., 2008)
“Japanese Capitalism and Fukushima” (Keio University Press, 2012)
“The Principles of Management” (Baifukan, Co. Ltd., 2012)

Tatsuo Ushijima
Management Strategy
The Economics of Corporations
“Capturing Management Strategy.” (Co-Authored, Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd., 2010)
Patent rights protection and Japanese foreign direct investment”, Research Policy 42, 738-748, 2013、“Understanding partial mergers in Japan”, Journal of Banking and Finance 34, 2941-2953, 2010
Kazuo Kambe
Management Information Theory

“Using Open Source Software and Developing an Information System for a Corporation.” (Mita Business Review 56-6, 2014)
“Information Systems Sophistication and its Issues.” (Mita Business Review 50-3, 2007)
“Revisiting the Information System:  Looking at Systems Architecture from a Realistic Vantage Point.” (Mita Business Review 48-1, 2005)
“Network Technology and Information Literacy.” (Mita Business Review 43特, 2000)
“Using Information and Information Technology within a Corporation.” (Mita Business Review 38-5, 1995)

Mitsuhiro Umezu
Corporate Ethics
Corporate Social Policy Theory
Applied Ethics

Paternalism in Japanese Business Ethics (UMI Press,1999)
“Business Ethics.” (Maruzen, 2002)
“Business Management in Corporate Ethics.” (Co-Authored, Minerva Shobo, 2000)
“Corporate Evaluation + Corporate Ethics: An Approach to CSR.” (Co-Authored, Keio University Press, 2006)
“Corporate Ethics in Japan.” (Co-Authored, Hakuto-Shobo Publishing Company, 2007)

Chie Iguchi
International Management Theory
Global Innovation Theory
“Global Innovation and R&D for Knowledge Creation: The Case of P&G, Unilever and Kao”(with T.Hayashi and A. Nakayama), in P. Ström, H. Dolles, C. and R. Middel (eds)
Asian Inward and Outward FDI: New Challenges in the Global Economy, Palgrave, 2014
“Globalisation of R&D by TNC subsidiaries: the case of South East Asian Countries”, Asian Business and Management , 2012
“Determinants of Backward Linkages: The Case of TNC Subsidiaries in Malaysia”, Asian Business and Management, 2008
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