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Details for Each Filed of Study & Courses

An Overview of Fields of Study & Specialized Subjects

A Management B Accounting C Commerce & Marketing
This course will not only examine corporate management and organizations theoretically and methodologically, but will also look at a broad scope of issues surrounding contemporary Japanese corporations from an empirical and quantitative perspective. In keeping with our tradition of western-style bookkeeping which Yukichi Fukuzawa first introduced to Japan, we will be looking at accounting from various perspectives:  Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Statement Audits, from an international, strategic and historical perspective. Our objective will be to try and clarify the issues surrounding products and services from a theoretical and empirical perspective.  We will be covering a broad range of topics including the Marketing Decision-Making Process, Distribution, Retail, Advertising, Communication, Consumer Behavior, Distribution Policy, History of Marketing, Distribution & Logistics Policy, and the History of Marketing.
Examples of Courses Examples of Courses
  • Current Issues and Topics in Financial Accounting: International Accounting,  Tax Accounting Theory
  • Current Issues and Topics in Management Accounting: Strategic Management Accounting, Cost Accounting
  • Current Issues and Topics in Auditing: Financial Statement Audits by CPA, Audit in Act and the Role of Internal Control
  • Accounting History 1・2PICK UPThis course takes you through Accounting History from medieval Italy to the Netherlands in the 16th – 17th centuries up until 19th century England. We will be investigating the development of modern accounting from the perspectives of function and structure.
  • Current Issues and Topics in Accounting HistoryTopics in Accounting History
Examples of Courses
  • Advanced Study of Macro Marketing
  • Current Issues and Topics in Macro MarketingChannels of Distribution
  • Micro MarketingPICK UPMarketing is a discipline that places importance on understanding consumers and market to maximize the mixed effects of strategies: Product, Price, Promotion and Distribution (Place). This course will cover marketing theory and tools/strategies.
  • Current Issues and Topics in Micro Marketing: Consumer Behavior, Marketing Data Analysis
  • History of Marketing Theory
  • History of Marketing
D1 International Economics D2 Econometrics D3 Finance and Insurance
In this day and age of globalization, it isn’t possible to analyze the Japanese economy isolated from the effects of the world economy. It is necessary to keep this situation in mind as we look at the issues of trade, capital movements, technology transfer and the international monetary system from a theoretical and empirical perspective in an attempt to make policy proposals. The role of Econometrics is to verify whether economic theories work in the actual economic system through analyzing data. What you have learned regarding economics and statistics at Hiyoshi will be used to ascertain the validity of various hypotheses in society that are considered to be common sense. The field of finance covers a broad range of topics ranging from the financial issues of each economic entity to the perspective of the currency of the national economy. The field of insurance is a discipline that analyzes the insurance system which is considered to be one of the most important elements of economic security. The economic, functional and mathematical aspects of this system will be analyzed.
Examples of Courses
  • International Economics 1・2PICK UPThis is an introduction course to International Economics, a study of cross-border economic activity. We will be dissecting international trade/global trade (which includes the transactions of products and services) and international finance (funds transactions) to examine policy effects, theoretically.
  • Current Issues and Topics in International Economics:  International Trade, International Economic Policies
  • Theory of World Economy 1・2
  • Current Issues and Topics in World Economy:  Comparative Institutional Analysis, Economic Development
  • International Finance 1・2
  • Current Issues and Topics in International Finance:  Issues of International Financial Institutions
Examples of Courses Examples of Courses
  • Financial Theories 1・2PICK UPWhat exactly is a financial system? What is the role and purpose of a financial institution or the stock market? We will be looking at how a household economy, as well as, the fund management and fund raising of a corporation, should be implemented ideally.
  • Current Issues and Topics in FinanceCapital Markets, Corporate Finance
  • Public Finance 1・2
  • Current Issues and Topics in Public Finance: Topics in Public Finance
  • Security Economics 1・2
  • Current Issues and Topics in Security Economics: Securities System
  • Insurance 1・2
  • Current Issues and Topics in InsuranceInsurance Company Operation, Life and Health Insurance
  • Current Issues and Topics in Risk Management: Modern Society and Risk
D4 Transport, Public Policy & Industrial Organization D5 Labor and Society D6 Industrial History & Business History
What defines desirable market competition in a capitalist economy where competition and monopoly exist side-by-side?  We will also be looking at public services such as transport and analyze government controls. This field of economics places emphasis on work and life.  For example, we will be analyzing the job hunting behavior of the individual, the employment behavior of corporations and the labor market which regulates these.  We will also be looking at labor management, organizational psychology and Social Security that support our work and life. We will be analyzing the historical changes of industry and corporate activities including the mechanisms of the development and decline of these.  Strategic management and organization, the trading system, finance, consumption behavior, policy and other topics, are all analyzed from their own perspective.  We will also attempt to elucidate the causes of the current issues of industry and corporations.。
Examples of Courses
  • Transport Economics
  • Current Issues and Topics in Transport Economics: Transport Policy, International Transport Policy
  • Industrial OrganizationPICK UPWe will be examining how competition works in industry and the market and try to qualify what kind of corporate behaviour is desirable for the consumer. We will also be looking at what is desirable or not in terms of government control.
  • Current Issues and Topics in Industrial Organization: Industrial Organization and Corporate Strategy, Public Policy
Examples of Courses
  • Labor Economics 1・2
  • Theory of Industrial Relations 1・2PICK UPThis course looks at the relationship between the laborer, labor unions and the corporation. How can corporations maximize the use of their employees to increase profit through efficient labor management?
  • Current Issues and Topics in Industrial RelationsOrganizational Behavior, Group Dynamics
  • Industrial Sociology 1・2
  • Current Issues and Topics in Industrial Sociology: Business Sociology
  • Organizational Psychology A・B
  • Theory of Social Security 1・2
  • Current Issues and Topics in Social Security: Modern Social Policy for Population and Employment Problems
Examples of Courses
  • History of IndustryPICK UP• This course examines the development and decline of industry in Japan and the factors behind these events. We will be looking at the interdependence of Japanese industries, their policies, economic system and technology transfers, to help us understand the mechanisms of these events.
  • Current Issues and Topics in History of Industry: Comparative History of Retailing
  • Business History
  • Topics related to Business History