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Learning that cultivates comprehensive ability

Nurturing the ability to identify and solve issues based on “The Spirit of Jitsugaku”.

The Faculty of Business and Commerce offers courses that will help students identify and understand various issues in our society through investigation, actual experience and lectures by professionals. The objective is to not only learn about specialist knowledge through studies, but to develop an awareness of the connection between knowledge and society and to further broaden the scope of their knowledge and thought processes based on the Spirit of Jitsugaku.

Dialogue with the Regional Community (1st and 2nd Year Students) 

This is a General Education Seminar course. The students will have the opportunity to experience doing fieldwork in areas near the university campus, i.e. Hiyoshi and Motosumiyoshi. Students will survey the area and make proposals based on their studies regarding local issues such as the revitalization of the shotengai (shopping district), childrearing, aid for the physically challenged and other issues of the regional community. Students will learn about the issues of the regional community through observations and discoveries during their fieldwork and study these from an academic perspective. The main objective of this first-hand experience of environments is to develop the ability to think in a practical manner.
Research Topic Examples
  • The Self-reliance of Individuals using the Support Center for the Physically Challenged and How to Support their Participation to the Regional Community (2010)
  • The Possibilities of Using Social Media to Revitalize the Shopping District and the Regional Community (2010)
  • Providing Employment Aid to the Physically Challenged and Improving Remuneration (2009)
  • The Retail Stores on Motosumi Oz Dori (Oz Street): Consumer Survey and Proposals (2007 – 2009)
  • Survey on How Children Play in the Hiyoshi Area (2008)

"Jitsugaku" in the 21st Century

(See https://www.keio.ac.jp/en/about/ for further explanation of Jitsugaku.)

Jitsugaku in the 21st Century Century
Successful Jukuin (Keio University alumni) from various industries are invited to lecture in this omnibus style course*. Students will be able to familiarize themselves with the point of view and knowledge of people who are outside academia and currently in the frontlines of their sector, which is different from that of researchers and university faculty members. The objective of this course is to broaden the horizons of our students so that they can look at the big picture along with concrete examples. We believe that this will add more depth and enrichment to their studies.
*In recent years, non-Keio alumni have also been invited.
Research Topic Examples
  • Travel Agencies that Create Cultural Exchange: Quest for New Possibilities of Travel Agency
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA) : Making the Transition from an Auditor to a Deal Advisor
  • What does a professional in the hospitality industry look like?
  • Corporate Reform: The Innovation of Cloud and Google
  • Creating Global Brands in a Developing Nation
  • The History of Ukiyoe Woodblock Prints: Pleasing Images

Sponsored Lectures

Due to the kindness of various corporations and organizations, the Faculty of Business and Commerce is able to offer many sponsored lectures. A faculty member will coordinate a series of lectures where a different professional will lecture regarding specific topics. Various topics will be covered every year based on the latest trends. Please see below for examples of lectures that were implemented in 2015.。

Mita Campus
Lecture Sponsored by the Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs: The Growth Strategy of Corporations and Economic Prosperity of the Citizens of a Nation
We have been offering Kigyojin Haken Koza (lectures by persons representing corporations) sponsored by the Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs since 1989. A new common topic is chosen every year and lectures are given in an omnibus format by people who are at the forefront of their industries in the business world.
Sponsored Lecture by the Japan Exchange Group: The Contemporary Securities Market & Public Companies 
The focus will be on “Securities” which has rapidly gained importance in terms of fundraising and fund management. The mechanisms and latest trends in the securities market will be explored in this lecture.
Sponsored Lecture by Prudential: Learning About Leadership from the Sales Force
What does sales professional mean in terms of organizational activity? One of the objectives of this lecture is to provide students with the opportunity to carefully think about various aspects of their future profession through actual work. What is a sales professional to the individual, organization and society and how are these related? Through this lecture, the student can explore his/her own perspective on life and his/her career. There will also be discussions on how students intend to mature into leadership roles.
Lecture Sponsored by the Mizuho Financial Group: Contemporary Corporate Finance 
Students taking this course must know the basics of Financial Accounting. The current financial market situation and various techniques for fundraising will be explored.