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Learning that elevates culture, education and refinement

Acquire a well-rounded education and refinement through a diverse curriculum built on Keio University's comprehensive capabilities.

The curriculum at the Faculty of Business and Commerce underlines the importance of comprehensive application skills.
Being knowledgeable about a broad scope of disciplines builds a strong foundation for this.
Students can design their own study programs with courses from their speciality and learn from extremely diverse fields in addition.

General Education Seminar

General Education Seminars are small-group seminars taught by full-time faculty members at the Hiyoshi Campus. Students will read materials that are invaluable to the foundations of their particular academic discipline, learn how to analyze data, research information, write academic reports and papers, and make effective presentations.

Seminar for International Students

This seminar gives international students and Japanese students enrolled in the Faculty of Business and Commerce, the chance to learn from each other.
Students with diverse backgrounds and values will have the opportunity to debate and grow together.

Research Topic Examples from 2010
  • Revisiting Inequality in Latin America
  • Contemporary European Science and Gender Issues
  • Don Quixote and the Habsburg Dynasty in Spain
  • Cross-cultural Training
  • Shakespeare in Hollywood:  Theater and Cinematographic Expression
  • Life Science and Human Society
  • Exploring Biotechnology and BioBusiness
  • Time Travel with Professor Einstein
  • Ig Nobel Prize Seminar
  • Probability in Everyday Life
  • Learning Logical Thinking from the Game Theory

General Education Subjects

The ultimate objective of learning is to better understand humans and nature, and to cultivate the power to live through this knowledge.  Keio University’s General Education Courses provide students with the opportunity to come into close contact with diverse knowledge ranging from philosophy, history, fine arts, physics, biology and astronomy through interacting with the leading researchers in each field. This is one of the high points of Keio University’s comprehensive education.

Biology 1・2
Another outstanding attribute of the Keio University General Education Course Curriculum is that there are an outstanding number of natural science courses that provide students majoring in the Liberal Arts with the opportunity to engage in experiments (Chemistry, Biology and Physics).  The aforementioned General Education Seminar also lists courses with natural science contents.
History 1・2 
What we take for granted in terms of how we think and live were not always the norm.  These things have changed over time and are different from region to region.  Through studying history you can increase your awareness of the changes that have occurred in human society over time, as well as its diversity.
Music 1・2
The fine arts give you the power to understand the world more deeply as well as express yourself.  “Music” is listed under General Education Courses and among these are courses where students can sing in a choir or play pieces of classical music in an orchestra.