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Learning that builds foundations

Nurture individuals with Dokuritsu Jison (Independence and Self-Respect), who can make contributions to the international community

A solid foundation that fosters Dokuritsu Jison (Independence and Self-Respect) and a global mind.

The mission of Keio University’s Faculty of Business and Commerce is to nurture individuals, who are global minded, who can make independent assessments and implement their solutions.  The disciplines that are cornerstones of this foundation are compulsory courses including Foreign Languages, Economics, Statistics and Mathematics and compulsory elective courses such as History of Economy and courses related to Law.

Learning to communicate effectively in a foreign language
(Foreign Language Courses)
It is mandatory to earn credits from two foreign languages of your choice: English, German, French, Chinese and Spanish.
Learning a foreign language not only enables you to communicate with other people, but it also opens doors to understanding their culture. The Faculty of Business and Commerce provides a full-scale environment for learning a new foreign language flanked by many native speakers who are engaged in language education.
Building a foundation for understanding society
(Basic Education for Major: Category I)
Basic skills are mandatory for cultivating the ability to forecast social developments. Economics is one of the potent tools for understanding how contemporary society works. Statistics gives you the means to make decisions based on actual data. Mathematics is not only basic to Economics and Statistics, but also trains you to make inferences in a logical manner.
Having a Historical and Institutional Perspective
(Basic Education for Major: Category II)
It is important to look at society not just from an analytical and mathematical perspective, but to also look at it from a historical and institutional one. You may choose from courses in History of Economy, Social Economics and Foundation of Civil Law.
Consolidating Foundations

In addition to compulsory courses, there will be elective courses on foreign languages and mathematics both on the Hiyoshi and Mita campuses.
Students may choose courses to further their learning on specific subjects depending on what their priorities are. For example, with regard to Foreign Languages, you might focus on improving your overall skills through compulsory and elective courses in your 1st and 2nd years and apply these skills when you engage in research activities and make presentations in the General Education Seminars (mainly in your 1st and 2nd years) or Seminars on Business-Related Issues (3rd and 4th years).
We also host an annual English Speech Contest sponsored by the Faculty of Business and Commerce.

Further to this, we have an Exceptional Achievement Program that packages each type of course systematically to enable students to learn foreign languages and mathematics intensively. This allows students to design their studies to fit their individual interests and objectives. Upon completion of these courses, a certificate will be issued.

Exceptional Achievement Program

We offer “Exceptional Achievement program” in English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish and Mathematics. The objective is to systemize the corresponding fields so that students may focus on learning these.
Foreign languages and mathematics are useful tools for deploying expression and thought.  Through studying these intensively, an individual will improve on their ability to think, express and understand.  Learning foreign languages also has the added bonus of learning about new cultures and history.  This will also be a plus in opening up new horizons for further developing a broadminded perspective.
It should be noted that an ever higher level of foreign languages and mathematical skills are mandatory for the business person.  Our Exceptional Achievement Programs offer packages of various courses that are related to students’ field of specialty.  Some of these courses will be implemented by other faculties or centers specializing in the particular discipline.  Certificates will be issued to students who have completed the programs, have satisfied the given requirements and have successfully earned the credits to these.

(The examples above are English language courses.  For the most updated information please go to:  Faculty of Business and Commerce Intensive Program Course Registration Information.)