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Field of Study

Refine your skills as a specialist through studying subjects in diverse genres from 9 fields in 4 areas.

The professional education offered by the Faculty of Business and Commerce has four pillars: Management & Organization, Accounting, Marketing Science and Economy & Industry.
The integrated specialized educational programs offered at the Hiyoshi and Mita Campuses are the foundations that support these pillars.

1st & 2nd Years at Hiyoshi Campus:

Consolidating Foundations
in 4 Areas

Students will be studying fundamental theories and learn how to use analytical tools which are essential for Management & Organization, Accounting, Marketing Science and Economy & Industry. The compulsory courses of the Fundamentals of Economics, Calculus and Statistics will be useful for building a solid foundation in any field of specialty.

3rd & 4th Years at Mita Campus:

Choosing Courses from Diverse Specialist Fields of Study

Students will be delving deeper into natural learning, using their extensive education, ability to make comprehensive judgements, and their fundamental knowledge in the field of expertise they acquired during their time on the Hiyoshi Campus.  At the same time, students will be acquiring specialist knowledge through small-size courses such as seminars* and will learn how to develop their abilities to debate through organizing their own thoughts, as well as their abilities to identify and provide solutions to issues in contemporary society.
*The “seminar” in this context refers to a group of select students that will engage in academic activities under one professor’s guidance for their third and fourth years.