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Make leaps and bounds in your personal development over the course of your 4 years in the Faculty of Business and Commerce.

The curriculum at the Faculty of Business and Commerce has been designed to educate future leaders of the economic system that continues to evolve. It is integral for our future leaders to have insights into an era, have a solid foundation in specialist knowledge and skills and have the ability to communicate with the global community. Our general education, specialized subjects and foreign language courses will provide four years of training that will prepare our students for the world stage. The most outstanding attribute of our system is that the student is given the freedom to design their own learning program, while being able to choose from Keio University's diverse courses that speaks for our outstanding comprehensive capabilities. Whether you wish to become a certified public accountant (CPA), become proficient in foreign language skills you can use in practical situations, be a part of the financial industry, participate in sports in parallel to being well-studied in academics, or study overseas, you will be given the freedom to design your curriculum to achieve your dreams. The responsibility rests on your shoulders.

Four year curriculum

Our program places importance on the continuity and integrity of learning throughout the four years at the two campuses: The 1st & 2nd years at the Hiyoshi Campus and the 3rd & 4th years at the Mita Campus

Curriculum Features!

Design your curriculum to suit your objectives

Our curriculum is flexible and allows you to choose courses to suit your future objectives. It is possible to focus on specialist knowledge and skills depending on what you intend to do.

Our Tradition of the Spirit of Jitsugaku & Hangaku-hankyo

We have courses that offer students the opportunity to be an intern* (will be discontinued as of 2017), attend guest lectures by practitioners or business persons and learn more about the challenges in the real world. The General Education Seminars in the 1st and 2nd years and many seminars* in the 3rd and 4th years provide a comprehensive learning experience to our students.
*The “seminar” here refers to a group of select students that will engage in academic activities under one professor’s guidance for their third and fourth years.

You have the option to continue to refine your character as well as your foreign language skills for 4 years.

Our curriculum offers courses that will help you master your specialist knowledge in Business and Commerce, as well as heighten your adaptability to the changing times, and to improve your foreign language skills so that you can be competitive on the global stage. These are available for the full four years of your undergraduate studies.

Available Courses

Interdisciplinary/Comprehensive Courses (Hiyoshi)

“Japanese Industry and Management”

Professors who specialize in the particular fields regarding Japanese Industry and Management will be providing lectures on various topics. These consecutive one-topic-one-lecture series will help raise your awareness of issues in this field and give you an overview of the broad areas of research in Business and Commerce.

Exceptional Achievement Program Course (Hiyoshi)

“Basic Theory of Games”

Game Theory analyzes the conflict of interest and cooperative relationships between organizations, as well as individuals. Parallels will be drawn with familiar case studies to illustrate how to make an insightful analysis when confronted by an issue and how to propose realistic solutions to these.