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Curriculum Concepts

Learn 4 areas of study that cover industrial society

The Faculty of Business and Commerce at Keio University offers a unique program different from the faculties of Business & Commerce, Management & Organization and Economics of other universities. Business and Commerce is studied from a much broader perspective and we offer a broad spectrum of courses covering different fields related to contemporary industrial society. The diversity of this specialist field is what makes it advantageous to study in our faculty. The student will select a specialized field in their third and fourth years and enroll in seminars corresponding to their specific interests. They will be more well-rounded and able to have a bird’s eye view of the whole of industrial society because they are more knowledgeable regarding other fields due to having studied a broad range of subjects. Many issues we have today require complex solutions that require knowledge from more than one discipline. An individual’s specialization must be supported by a broadminded perspective that can look at the whole of society as well as good communication skills. These are essential for identifying issues and providing solutions to change society. To nurture individuals who can bring about change through identifying the important issues and providing solutions to these, it is integral to equip them with specialist knowledge coupled with a panoramic vision.