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Accounting Research and Education Center

Affiliated Educational Institute:
Accounting Research and Education Center

The Accounting Research and Education Center is an institution for individuals who are preparing for their examinations to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a Licensed Tax Accountant.  In addition to a full-time faculty member, CPAs and faculty from other universities are invited to give lectures.  Guidance on how to prepare for the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Official Business Skill Test in Book-Keeping is given on the Hiyoshi Campus, and drills involving problem solving and corrections to build a strong foundation for the CPA Examination are implemented on the Mita Campus.

Message from the ProfessorProfessor Ryuta Takaku
The Accounting Research and Education Center implements lectures and exercise drills and is an abundant source of monthly magazines, books and other publications regarding accounting. It is an organization that supports individuals preparing for qualification examinations. On the Hiyoshi Campus, we have an orientation meeting for freshmen regarding the Certified Public Accountant Examination. On the Mita Campus, we implement various public lectures on the subjects of Accounting & Management. We hope that the information we deliver can be used effectively.
Professor Ryuta Takaku